Why do ferrets grind their teeth?

Observing your pet ferrets can reveal to you some intriguing behaviors. From the energetic way they play to some of the more subtle and not-so-pleasant hints they give you, you can expect to get to know your dookers by observing them. Sadly, tooth grinding is not one of the better signs. Though it might not … Read more

How often do ferrets poop?

Poop is often, as you may know, the quickest way to find out whether your ferret is in good health. That is why it’s a good idea to be well educated on the subject. Ferrets have a unique digestive system and a particular diet, so their pooping habits may be slightly different from those of … Read more

Do ferrets make good pets?

Today, ferrets are one of the most popular (exotic) pets. Many people have them and enjoy taking care of them, but are ferrets good pets? The answer is a big ‘YES, but…’ As with any other animal, they have their own unique needs and personalities. For some people, they may not be worthwhile, but for … Read more

How long do ferrets live?

Most people are aware that pet ferrets live until somewhere between 5 and 10 years of age. When you think about it, 5 years is a serious margin for an animal that lives so few years. That’s double its life! The reason for this is that there are many factors impacting a ferret’s longevity. Some … Read more

Do ferrets and dogs get along?

If you have experienced a ferret’s companionship, you’d know that there is nothing more adorable and amusing than playing with one of those critters. They are extremely friendly when you bond with them, and they make for a great pet if you know how to take care of them. They could be friendly with humans … Read more

Can ferrets get fleas?

Where there is warm blood, fleas will feed and reproduce. Like any other furry pet (cats dogs and the like), ferrets are susceptible to getting fleas. So, how can you protect your fuzzlets from those pests? How can you assure that they don’t get fleas at all, and if they already have, how do you … Read more

Can ferrets see in the dark?

ferret in dark

Ferrets are some of the most energetic and fun creatures. They love to move about, explore, and play with anyone or anything that lends itself to their game. They are also very fun to observe, both at home and in the wild. But have you ever stopped to look into their eyes? Those who have … Read more

Can ferrets live alone?

Getting a new type of pet comes with new challenges, ferrets are unique animals with their own needs. So, is it alright for ferrets to live alone? The answer is yes and no… Ferrets are not pack animals. They descend from the ancestors of the polecat, and, by that merit, it’s in their nature to … Read more

Are ferrets hypoallergenic?

sleepy ferret

Finding a pet that doesn’t trigger allergies must be a challenge… Many people suggest getting a ferret as they are widely considered to be hypoallergenic. This subject, however, is not as cut-and-dried as we may want it to be. Let’s face it; the closest you can get to a hypoallergenic animal is the reptile, and … Read more

How to stop a ferret from biting

yawning ferret

As tiny as their teeth are, ferrets can produce some painful bites. They don’t always mean it though, and even when they do, they might just have a good reason for it. So how should we, as ferret parents deal with this problem? The most important step in teaching your fluffy carnivore not to bite … Read more