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Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

I was so excited when I got my pet ferret. I was on cloud nine and left no stone unturned to set up a great ferret cage with a hygienic ferret litter box. But, I was left asking a question to myself, Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

Now, you might be eager to know as to why this thought came to my mind. The reason for this was that to my horror, my cute ferret did not like spending time in his cage. All he would do was cuddle in my blanket and that too on my bed!

Not that I didn’t like this behavior, but it was definitely very unsafe for my younger ferret to roam freely on my bed. 

That is when I decided that I need to provide a great arrangement to my ferret, where he could snuggle. This led me to do an in-depth research of Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

Do Ferrets Need Bedding Once Their Cage Is Setup?

A simple answer to the above question is a YES! Ferrets need a clean, safe and comfortable environment to live in. Once you have set up a cage, taking into consideration all the aspects, the next thing you should focus on is the cage bedding.

Ferrets love to snuggle! They have a great time nuzzling their little noses and burrowing their nature gifted sharp claws in a cozy setup. 

Hence, if you want that your ferret enjoys his time alone when you are not at home and want him to feel at ease, we recommend that you set up your ferret’s bedding taking into consideration all the aspects that we would be discussing here.

Importance of Proper Bedding for Your Ferret

Ferrets are very particular for their comfort. If the ferret’s cage that you have designed is not comfortable, your ferret will try to seek comfort at other places.

Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

You might find him in your wardrobe or blankets, or even in your socks. This is not advisable as unattended ferrets can invite danger and accidents. 

Hence, a proper bedding is very crucial for the safety and the well-being of your ferret. Your little friend must be provided with a comfortable bedding, where he can be safe and also have all the fun that he wants to!

Top 2 Types of Ferret Bedding Available

Now that you know the importance of ferret bedding, let’s move on to the various bed options that you have for your ferret.

The two most common types of bedding options are hanging hammocks and floor beds. Depending upon your ferret’s comfort, you can select either one of these.

Bedding Type 1: Hammocks

A hammock makes a great bedding option as it helps your ferret sleep comfortably. It is placed like a hanging structure in the cage.

Hammocks are a favorite bedding option amongst ferrets and most of the credit goes to the force of gravity. The reason for this is that when the ferret sleeps in the hammock, the center of the hammock is pulled down due to gravity. This makes a nice, cozy, comfortable, and snuggly sleeping area for your little ferret.

Moreover, as ferrets love to climb, a hammock can also work as a play area!

Another great thing about hammocks is that they available in a variety of styles. You will get a variety of options like corner hammocks or hammocks that have pouches or multiple layers. Some cool hammocks include tent shaped designs or pirate ship hammocks.

You can easily clip on these hammocks on the cage. 

You can consider the Niteangel Hanging Hammock which is super soft and cozy for your ferret to snuggle in. It is also big enough to hold 2 ferrets. 

Niteangel Hanging Hammock Nap Sack Swing Bag Pet Sleeper for Ferret Rat Sugar Glider and Other Small Animals (Blue, Star)

Before buying a hammock for your ferret, you should take into consideration the below three points:

1. Your Ferret’s Body Size

We humans cannot sleep in a cramped up space, right? Similarly, it is very important to provide a spacious bedding to your furry friend too, depending upon its body size.

It might be a challenge to measure the size of small animals. The best way to measure your ferret is when he is asleep. You can measure him from his nose to his tail when he is sleeping.

Now, to select a hammock, you simply need to add on around 6 to 8 inches in the diameter of the hammock. And voila! You will get a perfectly sized hammock for your furry friend.

If you have a kit, you can purchase a bigger sized hammock. To provide cozy bedding to your younger ferret, you can simply put some blankets around the kit.

2. Your Ferret’s Health Issues

It is extremely important to consider your ferret’s health issues while purchasing a hammock.

If your ferret is suffering from arthritis or sore joints, orthopedic hammocks made of high-density memory foam should be your pick. The material of orthopedic hammocks provides great support and comfort to your ferret.

If you have younger ferrets, then you can let them be a bit adventurous by setting up a fancy hammock with many layers. Take a look at this hammock .

Yu-Xiang 3 Layer Hamster Hammock Solid Color Sugar Glider House Plush Tunnel Sleeping Bag Small Animal Hammock for Guinea Pig Rat Birds Parrot Gerbil Squirrel (Green)

If you stay in a hotter climate, it is best to purchase a hammock made of mesh that allows the air to pass, by providing a free passage.

Check out this great hammock made with breathable mesh for your ferret that we discovered on the online pet store.

JYBHSH Ferret Hammock Breathable Sandwich Mesh Cloth Pet Cat Squirrel Hanging Swing Hamster Bed Soft House Cage Kitten Toy (Color : Pink, Size : L)

3. Your Ferret’s Nature

You should keenly observe your ferret’s sleeping pattern before buying a hammock. If your ferret likes to stretch out completely while sleeping, you should buy a hammock bigger in size.

If your ferret usually sleeps all cuddled up, then a smaller hammock will suffice.

Another thing that you should consider is how active and playful your ferret is. If your little friend tends to chew up things and destroy them, we advise that you buy a cheaper hammock. This way, you can always replace your ferret’s hammock.

A hammock usually accommodates 2 to 4 ferrets depending upon its size.

Bedding Type 2: Floor Beds

If your ferret loves to sleep at the ground level only and keep his paws on the ground most of the time, then you can go for the floor beds bedding option. 

Sleeping sacks are the most popular floor bedding option. They typically are made of a  double layered material, along with holes. 

Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

The double layered soft material ensures a cozy space for your ferret, wherein he can cuddle and snuggle. The large holes on either side bring out the playful side of your ferret, giving him the arrangement to crawl in and out of the sleeping sack.

Confused about which sleep sack to purchase? Take a look at this great product we discovered.

Handmade Portable Sleeping Bag Pouch Hideout Cave Habitat for Hedgehog Guinea Pig Hamster Ferret Squirrel Small Pet Animals Bed Nest House Cage Accessory (Pink)

If you want a budget friendly option, then you can simply make your own floor bed at home. All you need are some soft blankets or used T-shirts and your work is done! Also, make sure that you have a cage liner to avoid your ferret from getting hurt by the metal or hard plastic material of the cage.

Take a look at this DIY Ferret Bed video:

Top 3 Things to Consider While Selecting Bedding Material for Your Ferret

It is always a good idea to think about all the aspects of hygiene, safety, and comfort before buying or making your ferret’s bed. Take into consideration the below aspects before you buy one for your ferret:

1. How Will You Maintain the Hygiene of Your Ferret’s Bedding?

Ferret odor can be an issue if you do not maintain hygiene. 

Ferrets have a natural musky smell due to the presence of anal glands. On top of that, all the urine and poop can add to the musky ferret smell. You definitely will not want your house to smell just because of your negligence!

You must select a bedding that has great absorbency and has an odor control feature. This will ensure that the cage does not smell in between your cleaning sessions. Also, the bedding should be easily washable so that it can be cleaned regularly. 

2. Is the Bedding Safe for Your Ferret?

Ferrets are inquisitive creatures by nature. Hence, you can expect that they will go around in every nook and corner of their bedding. Hence, it is very important that the bedding you select should have a proper hole of an appropriate size.

If the hole is too small, there are chances of strangulation, which is the last thing you would want.

Another thing that you should consider is that ferrets have sharp nails. The nails should not get entangled in the bedding material. Hence, it is always a good idea to check the fabric.

3. Is the Bedding Comfortable for Your Ferret?

Your furry friend deserves all the comforts in the world, isn’t it? So, let’s start it with his own bedding! Make sure that you select the bedding material carefully. It should be soft, well cushioned and should feel soft on your ferret’s legs.

Which Is the Best Bedding Material for Your Ferret? 

Ferrets love to cuddle up and dig in their bedding. The bedding material should be very soft so that your ferret can cuddle up nicely, but also be durable so that it does not get torn while your ferret tries to dig or burrow. 

Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

Fleece is a great combination of both these qualities. It is an extremely soft material yet very durable. Another great thing about fleece is that it is very affordable. Moreover, fleece is a great fit from a hygiene point of view. You can simply wash it dry and use it again.

Thus, you can ensure a soft bedding for your ferret by using fleece.

Planning to buy a fleece material bedding? Checkout this amazing product.

Marshall Ferret Deluxe Leisure Lounge, Pattern Fleece

Bedding Materials That You Should Avoid

If you are a ferret owner, then your domestic ferret’s health will always be your top priority. Avoid the below two bedding materials as they can cause adverse effects on your perfectly healthy ferret:

1. Wood Shavings

Wood shavings, cedar shaving, and pine shavings have natural essential oils. These oils when evaporate, release gases that can be harmful and toxic for your ferret. 

Moreover, these materials will cause dust when the ferret tries to dig into it. This can have a harmful effect on the ferret’s sensitive respiratory system. 

The shavings can also get stuck in your ferret’s hair, due to which you might have to bathe him frequently. Bathing the ferret frequently will cause their skin oils to dry, leading to dryness and irritation on the skin.

Hence, you should avoid the wood, pine, and cedar shavings in ferret bedding.

2. Knitted Material

Ferrets have sharp nails. Hence, if you use any knitted material like silk in ferret bedding, there is a great probability that your ferret’s nails can get stuck in the material. This can harm their delicate feet.

Thus, using a knitted ferret bedding material is a big no.

FAQs on Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

1. Do Ferrets Like Blankets?

Yes, ferrets like blankets. Since ferrets love to sleep, they will spend around 12 to 18 hours sleeping. It is very important to provide your ferret with a warm and cozy environment where he can sleep and relax peacefully.

You should provide a blanket that is made from a comfortable fabric. It is very important to ensure that your ferret does not have any allergic reaction from the blanket’s fabric. You can also use blankets to make floor bedding for your ferret.

2. What Do Ferrets Need in Their Cage?

It is very crucial to set up a ferret cage properly. A ferret will mainly require a comfortable bedding and litter tray or litter box. Along with that, it is also a good idea to provide him with some safe toys that he can play with.

You can also have a water bowl in the cage.

3. How Long Should a Ferret Be Out of Its Cage?

Ferrets are curious by nature. Hence, you should let them out of the cage at least for 2 hours once a day. You should keep a close watch on your ferret and not let him be out of your supervision, as they can hurt themselves or in the worst case, chew or swallow something leading to a choking incident.


An obvious answer to Do Ferrets Need Bedding is a big YES! You should consider the bedding as a top priority once the cage is set up.

Select a bedding that your pet ferret loves the most. Remember, no two ferrets are the same and you should select the bedding based on your ferret’s liking.

Keep in mind that the bedding is SAFE and COMFORTABLE for your little friend, and you can be sure that your ferret won’t cuddle in your blanket without your knowledge as my ferret did!

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