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Can Ferrets Eat Scrambled Eggs? A Complete Guide

can ferrets eat scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs, raw eggs, or boiled eggs? How should you treat your ferret? Read on below to know more…

I was just sitting once on my dining table, having the most important meal of the day, breakfast. My little friend was also accompanying me, looking intently at my spread of breakfast: scrambled eggs and milk. That raised a curious question, “Can ferrets eat scrambled eggs”.

I was so tempted to feed him eggs but decided otherwise. The main reason for it being unaware whether my ferret can actually eat eggs or not. After all, meat is the staple food for ferrets, isn’t it?

After pondering over this thought, I checked out a variety of sources to get my answer. 

I was glad that the answer to can ferrets eat scrambled eggs is a YES! However, there are few things that should be considered, like their age, the quantity, and how you serve the eggs to your ferret. Also, which is the best way to serve eggs to them, is it boiled or scrambled or the raw egg?

Half knowledge is dangerous! So, let’s discuss all about your ferret and eggs!

Can Ferrets Eat Scrambled Eggs?

can ferrets eat scrambled eggs

A simple answer to this question is yes. Ferrets can eat scrambled eggs. However, you need to ensure that you give a limited portion of scrambled egg.

Ferrets are carnivores by nature. Hence, it is essential that you add protein-rich food items to your ferret’s diet. Usually, the store-bought food takes care of this requirement.

But if you are unable to get that or simply want to provide home-based food to your fluffy pet, you can go for scrambled eggs! You can also give boiled eggs to your ferret.

You should keep in mind that eggs cannot be a staple diet for your ferret. Meat serves that purpose. Hence, you should limit the frequency of the egg diet to one or two times per week.

Do Ferrets Like To Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Eggs are a treat for your ferret! Your ferret most definitely will like the scrambled eggs that you will give him.

As your ferret is carnivores, he will require high protein food. Eggs are a great source of protein. Along with the eggs being a treat for your ferret, you cannot ignore the nutritional value that it brings to your ferret’s diet.

Ferrets love to nib off the scrambled eggs from their owner’s hands.

So, if you really want to reward your ferret for being the best pet, go ahead and serve him some scrambled eggs. See him relish his feast!

You can also add the eggshell powder to the scrambled eggs. 

Having trouble imagining how these cute furry creatures relish the egg? Here’s a little video of ferrets eating scrambled eggs:

How Do You Make Scrambled Eggs for Ferrets?

It is a no-brainer that you love your ferret dearly. And who doesn’t? After all, they are the cutest tiny furry pets, always trying to get your attention. We are sure you wouldn’t want to mess up making a scrambled egg treat for your dear pet.

Before actually preparing the scrambled egg, you need to consider the below two points:

  1. First and foremost, you need to select the type of egg that you want to serve to your ferret. You can choose from a chicken egg, quail egg, or duck egg. If your ferret likes all the type of eggs, you can provide these three regularly.
  2. It is extremely important that you make sure that the egg is fresh and hasn’t gone stale. A stale egg can cause harm to your ferret, which is the last thing you would want.

Follow the steps below to prepare tasty and mouth-watering scrambled eggs for your ferret:

  1. Take a clean bowl and beat the egg in it.
  2. Once beaten properly, you should cook the eggs in a pan on low heat. You can add some oil while cooking the eggs.
  3. Make sure you bring the scrambled eggs to room temperature before serving them to your pet.

We really hope you have a great time feeding your dear ferret with your own hands and have a great bonding session! Also, look out for any allergic reactions after you have first introduced eggs to your ferret.

How Healthy are Eggs For Your Ferret?

We understand that you will always want your ferret to be in the best of health. And what would be healthier than some eggs for your little furry friend?

Eggs are rich in protein and everyone knows that. Along with that, they bring in much more nutritional value to the meal. They provide calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, and various forms of vitamins, B12, B6, A, D and E. You can check out the complete details here.

However, you should note that the eggs should not be given on daily basis or in excess. Egg meal once in a week will be sufficient for your ferret. Your ferret can suffer from constipation if excess eggs are fed to him.

Can Eggs Cause Allergic Reaction to Your Ferret?

can ferrets eat scrambled eggs

Your ferret’s body might be allergic to few food items. Eggs can be one of them. There is no sure way to determine whether your ferret is allergic or not to an egg unless he actually eats the eggs.

You should watch out for any signs of allergy when you first introduce egg to your ferret. Typical allergic reactions can include decreased appetite in your ferret, bloating, pain in the tummy, or swelling on the feed.

Your ferret might also try to communicate with you to express his discomfort. You should look out for signs like excessive biting if you have introduced him to eggs.

What Is the Ideal Quantity of Egg That Your Ferret Can Relish?

Once you are assured that your ferret is not allergic to eggs, the next thing to determine is how many eggs are enough for your ferret.

Eggs can cause constipation in your ferret if given in abundance. Hence, it is best to limit the number of eggs to one to two eggs per week. You can increase the portion to three to four eggs during their shedding season.

We recommend that you should never substitute your ferret food with eggs. Eggs are a treat for ferrets and should be always given in moderation. If given in a restrained manner, eggs can add excellent nutritional values to your ferret’s diet along with the much-needed variety in his meals.

How Often Should Your Ferret Eat?

can ferrets eat scrambled eggs

Ferrets have a high metabolism rate and they digest their food quickly. Usually, your ferret will be hungry every two hours.

However, as the saying goes to each his own, the same applies to your ferret. You should see how much food your ferret requires and provide him accordingly.

A good way is to keep some ferret food for your fluffy one when you are not at home. Your ferret can eat whenever he is hungry. When you are at home, you can provide him with meat or eggs.

Make sure your ferret has his exercise time too in order to digest all those yummy meals!

Is It Safe to Give an Egg to Your Kit?

Giving egg to your kit is a big NO! You should always provide liquid food options to your kit, considering they are tiny little beings. 

Kits usually only require milk and it is best if they are with their mothers. Once your ferret grows and has started weaning, you can introduce him to eggs.

What Is Healthier for Your Ferret: Raw Egg or Cooked Egg?

Ferrets love the eggs, in whichever form you give them.  Raw egg versus cooked egg is a highly debatable topic and has supporters for each.

If you plan to give raw eggs to your ferret, you can avoid giving the egg white. Raw eggs contain avidin. Avidin slows down the biotin absorption leading to biotin deficiency

Too much egg white can cause biotin deficiency in your ferret. This might result in his skin, hair, and nail disorders.  It can also affect your ferret’s nervous system.

However, avidin is destroyed when you cook the egg. Hence, it is advisable that you provide cooked eggs to your ferret rather than a raw egg.

Apart from that, raws eggs also contain salmonella. This may cause infections leading to diarrhea or fever. If your ferret is infected, it is best to rush him to a veterinarian.

On the other side, when you cook the egg, the nutrients and proteins can get altered. Thus the egg might lose some of its nutritional value.

Having said so, ferrets can easily digest any form of eggs. So, you can try and test which egg works best for your ferret.

Can Eggs Be Used As a Meal Substitute for Your Ferret?

Eggs should be given in a limited quantity to your ferret. Ferrets tend to overeat. And with their favorite egg treat, they will most likely overeat. This can seriously have a negative impact on their health. 

Also, there are health risks associated with raw eggs.  Avidin can have adverse effects on your ferret like affecting the nervous system, hair loss, nail disorder, and skin issues. A regular intake of eggs might also cause constipation in your ferret.

You should make sure that your ferret eats right and gets all the essential nutrients. Consider various forms of meat for a regular diet as they are ferret’s staple food. You can opt for beef, turkey, chicken, or lamb meat.

While opting for store-bought food, you should select the food packets that contain meat.

In a nutshell, it is not advisable to use eggs as a meal substitute. Rather provide eggs as a treat or once in a week meal.

Are Egg Shells Safe for Your Ferret?

Eggs are a complete meal for your ferret. And yes, eggshells are safe for your ferret! You should take care that your ferret does not swallow the bigger pieces of shells. This can sometimes cause choking. If anything like this happens, you should immediately consult your vet.

In order to avoid choking, one suggestion is that you take off the egg shells and grind them to form a powder. You can use this powdered shell and mix them up while serving eggs or meat to your ferret.

FAQs on Can Ferrets Eat Scrambled Eggs?

1. Can Ferrets Eat Cooked Eggs?

Ferrets love eggs in all forms. You can give cooked eggs that are boiled or scrambled to ferrets. It is advisable that you give eggs in moderation to your ferret. Once or twice a week should be enough.

2. What Foods Can Kill Ferrets?

Ferrets cannot digest dairy products and you should never give them. Apart from that, onions and garlic can cause severe health repercussions in ferrets, also leading to killing them.

3. What Part of the Egg Can Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets can eat the whole eggs, along with the shell. If you plan on giving him a raw egg, make sure that the egg is fresh. You can skip on the egg white while giving raw egg, as it can cause biotin deficiency in your ferret. You should also avoid giving sugar or sugar-rich food to ferrets.


As you know now, the answer to can ferrets eat scrambled eggs is a big YES

Ferrets are such adorable creatures and you are bound to fall in love with them and pamper them with all the possible ways. Try giving your ferret a special treat in the form of eggs and see how happy your little friend will be.

As the saying goes, moderation is the key. You should never overdo anything. Keep a close watch for any allergic reactions your ferret might show after eating eggs, the number of eggs that you give, and the quality of eggs that you feed your little one.

Experiment with raw egg, boiled egg, or scrambled egg, and let your ferret savor it!

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