9 Best Harnesses For Ferret

A harness plays an important role in training a Ferret.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to choose the best harnesses for your ferret. Since our little animals are energetic and love playing, you need to pick an option that will meet their nature.

A good harness should secure him in place when walking. It should not provide your furry friend with a lot of leeway to help him slip away from you.

It should be agile and slim to enable him to slip in and out of all kinds of situations. Before we review the top 9 best harnesses for ferrets, here are some key information below.

How do you put a harness on a ferret?

Before taking your ferret out, you want to be sure that he can walk well with the harness. Your goals should be to make the ferret to first accept to wear the harness.  While some of them will gladly do so, others will try to wiggle out of the harness. Some ferrets will pretend to fall or will run away from you when you put on the harness.

To improve the chances of your ferret accepting the harness, choose one that is lightweight and comes with a small clasp. This clasp should be very secure. If you find the harness resting on the back of the ferret, it is too heavy.

If your ferret resisting wearing the harness, you can use a small amount of her favorite treat to lure her. Ensure that you only give the treat when the ferret is wearing the harness. By repeating several times, your ferret will start to associate wearing the harness with the treat. To improve the chances of the ferret accepting the treat, you should:

  • Ensure that it fits well. The harness should not be too tight or too loose. Ensure that your little finger can fit between the harness and the ferret.
  • Gradually increase the time that your ferret puts on the harness. Your ferret will become used to the harness in a few weeks.
  • Allow your furry friend to play while using the harness.

Once the ferret gets used to wearing the harness, you can now clip a leash. This will also meet opposition from the ferret. You can, therefore, associate the clipping sound of the leash with the feeding of another treat. Just like it is the case with the harness, your furry buddy will start to associate attachment of the leash with the harness.

Finally, after clipping on the leash, you can give your ferret another treat if they run or walk forward well, Again, your furry friend will start to associate the forward movement with the treat. If the ferret struggles after the leash are clipped, on, don’t give the treat.

Remember to closely monitor your ferret every time the leash is attached. This will ensure that it doesn’t get tangled around her neck or other objects.  Also, double-check that your furry friend’s harness is comfortable and snug before you can take him outdoors.

Can you walk your ferrets?

There are ferrets that enjoy walking with a leash while others hate it. Fortunately, you can always train the majority of those that don’t like it. If your ferret doesn’t like walking, don’t try to force him.

Before you can take your ferret outside, be sure he can walk proficiently indoors. Also, make sure that he has gotten used to the sights and sounds such as people walking, dogs barking, and traffic noise. To familiarize him with the surrounding, you can carry him outside several times before expecting him to walk on the leash. This is important as some ferrets can easily get startled.

The safest place to take your furry friend for a walk is in an open space, away from objects that they can hide in such as bushes. Also, avoid areas with a lot of people or other animals. A good choice is an open and grassy field that isn’t frequented by dogs. Don’t take your ferret for a walk on hot pavements that can burn her feet. 

Ensure that the area has no trash on the ground. Avoid taking him for a walk in the warm midday weather as your ferret could overheat in his thick coat. On the other hand, don’t take him for a walk when it is extremely cold. Also, avoid taking him out very early in the morning or late in the night when he may not see well. While walking your ferret, hold the leash tight so that he doesn’t eat inappropriate objects, run towards dogs or into the traffic.

Remember that there may be unvaccinated dogs out there and other wild animals such as skunks, raccoons, and foxes. These may carry the fatal disease for ferrets such as distemper virus or rabies. Before ferrets are taken outside, they should be vaccinated against distemper and rabbles. When you come across a dog or wild animal, pick up your ferret and walk away.

Finally, ferrets just like dogs and cats can be susceptible to internal and external parasites such as ticks, fleas, and gastrointestinal worms. If you will be taking your ferret outside, speak to a veterinarian on how to have your pet protected from these pathogens.

Top 9 Ferret Harnesses

One of the common challenges with ferret harnesses is that they don’t fit our furry friends well especially the small ones. One of the models that have overcome this challenge is the Sakura Cotton Cloth Ferret Harness. It is a very adorable harness that fits perfectly well.

The harness is made of a cute piece of cotton cloth that acts as a vest for your furry friend. It comes with beautiful clasps and a nylon leash. The harness has been designed to keep your furry friends safe when outdoors.

With this ferret harness, you will take your ferret for a walk and everybody will be totally smitten. It is a sturdily-made product that is also super adorable.


  • Adjustable vest harness ensures the right fit for your ferret
  • Nylon strap ensures everyday walk
  • Made of soft and comfortable material breathable cotton makes it suitable for summer
  • Fits perfectly well


  • A bit hard to adjust the vest

The FunPetLife Small Pet Animal Harness is a harness that comes with two pairs of wings. It is cute and well made with the wings properly sewn.

It comes with a matching leash that makes walking your ferret a breeze. The strap is made of nylon webbing, clasp, and buckle. The locking clip ensures that it is secured well to the harness. The harness is made of soft, breathable and lightweight material. The harness is machine washable.

Do you want a ferret harness made specifically for a ferret’s anatomy?

If your answer is yes, you should go for the Marshall Ferret Harness and Lead. This is a sturdily made harness with clips that can withstand the tugging and playing associated with our furry friends. While a determined ferret can break away from it, the harness will secure your average pet well.

The harness is made of lightweight material and this means your ferret will be comfortable in it.  It is easy to use and adjust. It has a quick snap button that makes it fully adjustable.


  • Comes with a free leash
  • Can be adjusted to fit the size of your ferret
  • Easy to clean
  • Cute design


  • Doesn’t secure small ferrets well

Do you need a ferret harness made specifically for a ferret’s anatomy? If your answer is yes, you should go for the Marshall Ferret Harness and Lead. This is a sturdily made harness with clips that can withstand the tugging and playing associated with our furry friends. While a determined ferret can break away from it, the harness will secure your average pet well.

The harness is made of lightweight material and this means your ferret will be comfortable in it.  It is easy to use and adjust. It has a quick snap button that makes it fully adjustable.


  • Specifically made for the ferret’s anatomy
  • Made of lightweight material
  • Easily adjustable at a snap of a button
  • Comfortable


  • Small ferrets can wriggle their way out of it

It is usually hard to put on a harness on a ferret. This is because the animals are very impatient and will tug and pull. This is why you need a harness that is easy to put on. One of such options available is the RYPET Small Animal Harness and Leash.

The harness comes with Velcro Wraps that moves around the belly and chest. It is quite comfortable with ferrets. It has the right amount of padding that will make your pet comfortable. Not only is the product well-made but it is also beautiful with a bow and bell.

The harness is easy to put on. All you need to do is to unclip it before placing it on the back on the ferret’s neck.


  • Made of soft nylon fabric to enhance comfort
  • Breathable material makes it perfect for outdoor activities
  • Leash( included)
  • Easy to put on


  • Some ferrets hate wearing the leash

The Kaytee Comfort Harness is made of a smooth but not soft material. This makes it a good choice for walking your ferret as it doesn’t get stuck on twigs or prickers. It also stays clean for long. The harness is completely adjustable and comes with double closure at the neck and chest. Ferrets can be very troublesome and therefore, a double connection can be reassuring.

The Comfort Harness has been designed to conform to the contours of your ferret. It is stretchable and this keeps your ferret close to you and secured to the connection. The harness is elastic and this helps to protect your pet from potential injury.


  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Stays clean for long
  • Different sizes


  • Not breathable

The WARE Critter Jean Small Animal Harness-N-Leash is a comfortable and safe harness that is made of denim. The harness has Velcro and clips that make it is easy to put on and put off.

The Velcro also ensures that the vest remains on your ferret and is always snug. It makes it possible for your small pet to exercise. The harness also comes with a small bell that enables you to locate and keep track of your pet.


  • Comes with a leash
  • Made of a durable leash material
  • Adjustable fit
  • Beautiful and stylish design
  • Available in different sizes


  • Some ferrets are able to slip out of it

Many users of ferret harnesses suggest that it is hard to find a harness that will fit their pets well. One of the few options available in the Petco Deluxe Ferret Harness. The harness is neither too big nor too small but is just but the right size for your furry friend. It will fit your pet well and stay on him when taking him on walks.

The quality of the harness is top-notch and will, therefore, hold up well. This is a nice harness that I would recommend to any ferret owner.


  • Easy to use
  • Fits pets well
  • Beautiful and vibrant colors
  • Decent length of leash
  • Comes with a leash
  • List Element
  • List Element


  • You can’t choose your preferred colors

The Alfie Pet-Kobi Harness and Leash Set for Small Animals is a sturdily-made harness that has enough room to tighten or loosen as necessary. The harness that comes with a leash designed in a way that makes it gentle to your furry friend whenever you pull the leash. It is made of a soft, breathable and lightweight material that makes it a fur and skin-friendly option for your pet.

The hand-made harness has been designed to prevent injuries and ensure that your furry friend remains safe during your walk. It is available in different sizes to ensure the best fit for your ferret.

This harness is a good choice for everyday training and walking.


  • Comes with a matching leash
  • Easy to clean as it is machine-washable
  • Made of a soft and breathable material, making it a suitable option for use during the summer
  • Lightweight


  • Some ferret owners find it too small

The Sandi Pet Products Harness w/Bell is one of the ferret harnesses that are adjustable. It works perfectly well without being too tight and without slipping away. The harness is of good quality and is manufactured in the USA.  It is fully adjustable and comes with D-ring that is plated with nickel.

It comes with some really pretty colors such as green, purple, red, yellow or gold. It has a bell that lets you the location of your ferret.

The Sandi Pet Products Harness w/Bell works and fits perfectly well. With this harness, you can be assured that your furry friend will enjoy the outdoors. And as a bonus, the manufacturer ships it very fast.


  • Completely adjustable
  • Bell included
  • Made in the USA
  • Sturdy snaps


  • Doesn’t fit baby ferrets well

My Final Thoughts

Taking your ferret for a walk can be fun. It can also enable you to provide your ferret with the exercises it requires to stay healthy. However, to achieve this, you will need the best harness for a ferret. This can go a long way in enhancing your workout with your furry friend.

The good news is that we have already done the heavy lifting for you. With any of the above harness options, you can be assured of a good workout. But which is the best among the nine?

My first choice is the Marshall Ferret Harness and Lead as it has been designed with ferrets in mind. The quick snap buckle and an adjustable strap make it the perfect choice for walking your ferret. It is easy to use and your furry friend will find it hard to escape.

There you have, it: The top nine ferret harnesses. Choose any of the above options and you will be ready to take your ferret for a walk. Happy buying!

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