Can ferrets use cat litter?

Ferrets make great pets. They love to play with people. Ferrets are also intelligent pets that can be trained to use a litter box.  The pets have a small and furry body that matches that of a cat. It is for these reasons that many pet owners believe they can share litter with cats. But … Read more

9 Best Harnesses For Ferret

A harness plays an important role in training a Ferret. Unfortunately, it is not easy to choose the best harnesses for your ferret. Since our little animals are energetic and love playing, you need to pick an option that will meet their nature. A good harness should secure him in place when walking. It should not provide … Read more

3 Best Ferret Litter

Ferrets love warm and cozy places.  And since they spend a good part of their time sleeping, they will almost dislodge you from your bed. Many times you will find them curled up under your blanket. If you don’t want to get into fights with your little buddy, you should invest in the best ferret … Read more

Can Ferrets Eat Tuna Or Canned Tuna?

Ferrets are cute and lovable pets and their inquisitive nature makes them more adorable. Out of the love I have for my fuzzy pals, I am always extra keen on what I feed them. But, there is always one question that always comes up: can ferrets eat tuna/canned tuna? You see, tuna is a highly regarded … Read more

Ferret Nation Vs Critter Nation

Looking for a cage for your ferrets? At one point we all have the Ferret Nation Vs Critter Nation debate. I did too. I have four ferrets and two chinchillas. My little cuties are escape masters. When I first brought them home, I encountered a zillion escapade episodes. All my efforts of trying to contain them … Read more

Can Ferrets Eat Fruits?

bowl of fruits

“A pineapple a day keeps worries away. Stay calm and eat berries”. These are just a few cliches that remind us of the benefits of eating fruits. If you’re a new ferret owner, you would probably love for your little pets to enjoy the same goodness, right? But before you hand them a piece of … Read more

Can ferrets eat dog food?

Ferrets are highly inquisitive pets. They enjoy exploring every corner of the house and are likely to feed on whatever snack they find lying around. If you happen to own a ferret, chances are you may have caught them digging into your dog’s food bowl. But question is, can ferrets eat dog food? Much of this … Read more

Can Ferrets Eat Peanut Butter?

peanut butter slice

Whether as a stand-alone treat or combined with your favorite jam for a heavenly peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a spoonful of peanut butter can delight both our hearts and our taste buds. Recent studies show that in the United States alone, about 700 million pounds of delicious peanut butter is consumed yearly. Besides its … Read more

Can ferrets eat cat food?

Word Cat made from cat food

It’s a well-known fact that high-quality ferret food is expensive as compared to cat food. That is what convinced many ferret owners to switch to cat food. Whenever I get to meet some of my friends who have kept ferrets for a long time now, I see information coming my way from various perspectives on whether … Read more