Can ferret eat apples?

Crate full of apple

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” While Shakespeare wrote this ages ago, many of my friends find themselves trapped in similar dilemmas especially when choosing food for their ferret. Questions like “Should I feed my ferret an apple?” or statements like “I enjoy eating apples, so will my ferret!” are too … Read more

Can ferrets eat eggs?

Carton of eggs

Recently, I was walking down the street near my home when I saw a greeting card on the newsstand outside a bookstore. The picture on the card caught my interest – a cat eating a boiled egg. I stopped by the shop, picked up the card and thought to myself, “Can my ferret eat an … Read more

Can ferrets eat bananas?

yellow banana slices

I was sitting on my balcony, eating bananas, cut into thin slices out of a bowl when my adorable ferret Mr. Nibbles, walked up to me and gave me a look. It was probably hinting me to feed some banana to it. I couldn’t resist its gaze and found myself shoving a few pieces of the … Read more

Can ferrets eat grapes?


What did pretty hobs and gills use to eat back when they were first domesticated by Egyptians? Could it be that the Egyptians used to treat their pet ferrets with grapes? Should I also think about giving some grapes to my ferret? Would a bunch of grapes be as healthy for my pet as they … Read more

Can Ferrets Eat Chocolate?


In a word, NO. You should never give your ferret chocolate because to a ferret, chocolate is what cyanide is to humans. The poison in question turns out to be theobromine, a common ingredient in chocolate. While theobromine can also be poisonous for humans, we metabolize it much faster than ferrets. Our larger mass means that … Read more

Can Ferrets Eat Chicken?

Raw Chicken parts

Recently, one of my close friends got himself a ferret after playing with my furry creatures, with almost little to no idea on how to take care of it or how he’s going to feed it, what food it likes and what kind of food can keep it happy. One question that concerned him the … Read more